Additional data about the Elkington surname.

Since the death of Judy (Elkington) Stubbs, the creator of the Elkington One-Name Study website, further information has been received about the Elkington surname.

Supplement to The Elkington One-Name Study website.

On 2/20/2017 5:20 PM, tiggy.payne19@gmail.com wrote:

Herbert Frederick Elkington died on the 2nd June 1924 at the home of his only daughter Awdrie Williams. He was living in Birmingham and his wife Thomasine Jesse born on the 6th February 1857 in Edinburgh Scotland had died in 1903.

Their daughter Awdrie first married Dr. James Fraser of Sutton Coldfield in Kidd[er]minster April 1904 and he died in August 1906 and is buried in Scotland, leaving a six month old daughter Jess who died a spinster on the 4th July 1955. I can supply more private infomation if you wish to email me at ....gmlx@fsmail.net

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